[stunnel-users] stunnel and socat

John A. Wallace jw72253 at verizon.net
Thu Jan 26 17:04:11 CET 2012

Hello.  I use socat to connect stunnel to a socks proxy on my client
workstation running windows.  the socks proxy then connects to a news server
on the internet. The initial connection works just fine and it appears to
stay connected while I am transferring data and for a while afterwards; but
after a period of idle connection say five or ten minutes, I get a message
from my network adaptor popup saying that the connection stunnel had to my
localhost has failed.  Any ideas on how I can make the connection between
stunnel and localhost persist longer during periods of inactivity? I would
like it to stay connected until I purposely stop it. Below is the relevant
section of "stunnel.conf".




accept =

connect =

CAfile = peer-news_certificate.pem

verify = 3


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