[stunnel-users] Windows Live Mail issue ?

Victor victor_volpe at bol.com.br
Wed Jan 18 20:38:57 CET 2012

I'm new with stunnel and I'm experiencing a issue. Windows Live Mail is 
closing the connection with the SSL tunnel without send the close down 
packet, resulting in connection reset by peer. Follow the output debug of 

2012.01.18 17:13:25 LOG7[16954:34377572800]: Socket closed on read
2012.01.18 17:13:25 LOG7[16954:34377572800]: Sending SSL write shutdown
2012.01.18 17:13:25 LOG7[16954:34377572800]: SSL alert (write): warning:
close notify
2012.01.18 17:13:25 LOG6[16954:34377572800]: SSL_shutdown successfully sent
2012.01.18 17:13:25 LOG3[16954:34377572800]: SSL_read: Connection reset by
peer (54)
2012.01.18 17:13:25 LOG5[16954:34377572800]: Connection reset: 293 bytes
sent to SSL, 1293 bytes sent to socket
2012.01.18 17:13:25 LOG7[16954:34377572800]: Service stunnel finished (0
2012.01.18 17:13:25 LOG7[16954:34377572800]: str_stats: 28 block(s), 988

The e-mail message is sent successfully but Im very intrigued with the line
"Connection reset: 293 bytes sent to SSL, 1293 bytes sent to socket", that
make me think that some data was lost in the middle of the connection. I
need to fix something or this is a normal behavior ?

qmail 1.03 with SPAMCONTROL
stunnel 4.43 running on FreeBSD 8.0-RELEASE

Config file:
debug = 7
foreground = yes
syslog = no
cert = /usr/local/etc/stunnel/stunnel.pem
exec = /var/qmail/bin/qmail-smtpd
execargs = qmail-smtpd /mailhome/bin/vchkpw /bin/true

Thanks in advance ! 

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