[stunnel-users] ver 4.5 VS 4.2: running single process now, how to close when all client apps closed?

larisa_y larisaka at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 17 00:15:18 CET 2012

I have several client applications running on win machine, connecting to the
same server, or sometimes to different servers.

ver. 4.2 allowed me to do the following: 
modify .conf file to [my_section]  accept=5566 connect;
then run stunnel.exe; 
modify .conf file to [my_section]  accept=5567 connect 456.22.33.44:5006;
then run stunnel.exe. 

That would start 2 stunnel.exe processes, each one handling its own
connection; which were easy to close when each respective client app closed
- each one would close the one it started.

Now with 4.5 version: the single stunnel.exe process runs and is able to
handle all communications perfectly,  provided I prepare .conf file for all
possible connections in advance, before starting stunnel.

The problem I cannot solve easily is how not to leave stunnel running after
client logged out of all the applications.  Without building something to
keep track of "stunnels users" count, how could I do it?

Is there some way to switch to multiple instances mode? Please advise.


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