[stunnel-users] client side SNI

yyy yyy at yyy.id.lv
Fri Jan 13 14:38:36 CET 2012

It looks like server name for client side SNI is defined as name to connect 
in connect option. According to RFC, this name must be FQDN.
It is the only place where it is defined and server name for SNI
cannot be defined outside connect option.
Is that right?

Server side SNI has some good examples. Searching
for "client side SNI" did not yield anything useful.

I am trying to run multiple independent services over the same port
there is no DNS infrastructure in place, so those server names
would be random strings not refering to anything.
Both ends would be stunnel.
If it is as it seems, it will not work, because defined
server name (at client) must be working DNS name (FQDN). 

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