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Hello. I am comparing a default installation of "stunnel.conf" in Linux with
that in Windows, and I found some differences that I have a couple questions
about.  The Windows installation installed in client mode by default, but the
one for Linux in server mode. I made a backup copy of the default files for
both.  For now I want to run stunnel in Linux in client mode, so I am making
some changes to it.  The installed default for these six parameters are as









Is it correct to change these settings for testing in client mode so that they
match the current Windows' client mode configuration, like so:










As a follow up to this initial question, which I suppose now was asked
prematurely, I can say that I have tested this better and decided to keep all
the default settings turned on, not commented out as I initially intended, in
the default Linux installation configuration, except for these two, which I have
now set as shown here:





And everything seems to be working fine now.  I set up the run level for stunnel
to start automatically when I boot up.  I commented out the "Cert=" option
because I do not think I am using it at this point.  All appears good so far as
I can see, and the program is most certainly functioning as expected in client
mode, making good connections and no timeouts.  :-)

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