[stunnel-users] :o( Stunnel KO on Windows Server 2003 VM

BOXI31 TEST boxi31.test at gmail.com
Tue Feb 21 22:09:46 CET 2012

Hi all !

I'm new with Stunnel. It'a nice tool that works perfectly on Windows 7
64-bit host but won't start on Windows Server 2003 guest VM (VMWare Player

When I try to start it, I have a message like "can't initialize...". I'll
give you the exact message tomorrow, I don't have now the VM on hand.

On Windows 7, when I started Stunnel for the 1st time, I was asked to
create a certificate with a kind of wizard but on the Windows Server 2003
VM, it stops before this step.

Is it a known problem on VM ?
What could I check ?

I managed to make the software I'm testing (SMTP sending function) on the
VM "talk" to Stunnel on my host by I'd really like to install it on the VM
to be independant from host.

Thanks by advance,


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