[stunnel-users] Multiple Domains for https

Thomas Manson dev.mansonthomas at gmail.com
Fri Feb 10 22:09:38 CET 2012


  I want to setup the following architecture :

stunnel ---> haproxy --> 2 webserver.

I run severa virtual host on the 2 webservers, and a subset of them needs

I can allocate several IP address for the host that run stunnel.

How do I configure a single stunnel process to have a certificate per IP
for the port https?

I tryed to add several section like the following :

cert          = /etc/stunnel/sites/mansonthomas.com/mansonthomas.com.crt
accept        =
connect       =

xforwardedfor = yes
TIMEOUTclose  = 0

So the question is : Is it possible ?
do you have a sample configuration file to share for this use case?

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