[stunnel-users] Win CE build errors: main_execute() removed from stunnel.c file? "hwnd" link error.

Bao, Robert rbao at tycoint.com
Sat Dec 1 00:28:05 CET 2012

Came across another Win CE build issue in the current stunnel 4.54


Got link error for main_execute() referenced in nogui.c file.

I noticed that the implementation of "main_execute()" was in stunnel.c
file in old versions, but is not there anymore.


Also got "hwnd" linking issue. Looks like "hwnd" is initialized/created
in gui.c file, and used in log.c/client.c/option.c files. It is not
initialized/created in nogui.c file.

I am using the NOGUIOBJS/tstunnel.exe option in building the stunnel,
and got this linking error.


Any suggestions on how to fix these or work around them?




Robert Bao

Software House

Tyco International



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