[stunnel-users] Key and Certificate file issue!

Hamid.Shahid at sungard.com Hamid.Shahid at sungard.com
Tue Nov 29 17:57:17 CET 2011


I am trying to establish a SSL connection with a remote server on a random port 10170. I have got a public key from the server side. And I have sent my public key to the server. And I am trying to use my certificate file and the public key of the server like this.

cert = sunPrimary.pem
key = sunStunnel.pem

But the problem is both the public key from server and my own certificate file starts with "-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----" by default. So now, if I don't change the "-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----" header of the my certificate to "-----BEGIN PRIVATE KEY-----" I get errors and if I change it to private key and make the public key of the server as certificate then I still get errors.

Please let me know, how can I use the key and certificate together.


Kind Regards,
Hamid Shahid
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