[stunnel-users] Server is down

Michal Trojnara Michal.Trojnara at mirt.net
Mon Nov 28 17:49:45 CET 2011

Hamid.Shahid at sungard.com wrote:
> I am trying to connect to a remote SSL enabled server via stunnel. I 
> am
> using a single file for key and certificate "sunStunnel.pem", just 
> like
> the default "stunnel.pem" and I am getting following errors. Please 
> let
> me know, what they mean and what should be done to resolve these?
> SSL_CTX_use_PrivateKey_file: D0680A8: error:0D0680A8:asn1 encoding
> routines:ASN1_CHECK_TLEN:wrong tag

I asked Google your question:
and it replied with:


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