[stunnel-users] [patch] x-forwarded-for patch for the new stunnel 4.46

Michel Belleau michel.belleau at malaiwah.com
Fri Nov 18 03:00:42 CET 2011


I use HAProxy and STunnel and I had to do a new installation lately. I took
time to check the latest versions available of each product as this is a
good time to test it out before production roll-out. I figured out that
enough things have changed from STunnel version 4.44 to 4.46 making the
X-Forwarded-For patch (that is usually used when STunnel sits in front of
HAProxy) reject some parts of the latest 4.44 patch I found on the internet.

Here is the patch, applying with no problems on 4.46, for anyone else

PS: I didn't try it yet for IPv6 connections yet.

Michel Belleau
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