[stunnel-users] Slow connection to remote stunnel

Thorsten Kampe thorsten at thorstenkampe.de
Sat May 28 22:43:43 CEST 2011


I'm using stunnel 4.36 on Linux to secure Samba SWAT. When I connect 
directly to the remot stunnel port with my browser on Windows 7 
(https://swat-server:stunnel-port), I get a long delay after entering my 
credentials (about 60 seconds or so). This seems to be known issue (for 
instance see "You will be prompted for the Linux root user username and 
password. There will be a delay of about 60 to 75 seconds with each 

I did a Wireshark trace and it seems that the server simply does not 
respond during that time.

But when I connect to the local stunnel client 
(http://localhost:stunnel-port), the SWAT page displays immediately.

Is that "normal". How can I get the same speed without a stunnel client?

[1] <http://www.linuxhomenetworking.com/wiki/index.php/Quick_HOWTO_:

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