[stunnel-users] Tr : Réf. : Re: Need some informations about stunnel (AC,?crl?files)

Ludolf Holzheid lholzheid at bihl-wiedemann.de
Thu Apr 28 18:46:59 CEST 2011

On Thu, 2011-04-28 17:06:28 +0200, laurent.uk at bnpparibas.com wrote:
> Dear Ludolf i need some help with the verify option.
> I want to check the certificate client in my machine and also check if the 
> certificate's client is in the crl list.
> You said that "
> If you are using verify=3, stunnel checks client certificates against
> the set of certificates in CApath or CAfile, not against CAs and CRLs."
> Is it possible to check client certificates with certificates in CaPath 
> and also with CRls?


By installing a certificate (to CApath or CAfile), you express your
trust in the certificate.

For the client certificates, you could either

 o implicitly trust all certificates signed by an installed CA
   certificate and not yet revoked (verify=2), or

 o explicitly trust installed client certificates (verify=3).

In both cases, all installed certificates are fully trusted.
Cross-checking a trusted (client-) certificate against an other
trusted (CA-) certificate does not raise security or trustworthiness.

In order to revoke a client certificate in verify=3 mode, just
uninstall it.



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