[stunnel-users] Critical error on stunnel 434 for WinCE/Windows Mobile: no service at all, because of failure in thread creation

Michal Trojnara Michal.Trojnara at mirt.net
Sun Sep 26 19:25:11 CEST 2010

Pierre DELAAGE wrote:
> Maybe you remember me, I am the man that refreshed stunnel for winCE  
> up to 4.27 version.
> Thank you for having included my code to your mainstream at that time.

Thank you.  I appreciate your public domain patch sent 10 Jan 2009.

> the bug is in sthread.c:
> the wince _beginthread port has been modified

You're right.  I obviously made a mistake here.  Thank you.

In gui.c:
	_beginthread(ThreadFunc, 0, NULL);
should be:
	_beginthread(ThreadFunc, DEFAULT_STACK_SIZE, NULL);

> I repeat and insist : please DO NOT DO anything to the code, as I  
> will send soon a refresh with various other updates (because apart  
> from that critical bug,
> the code needs other refresh to compile properly),

I prefer individual patches for separate issues rather than a single,  
large patch.

I also tend to rewrite code anyway rather than simply apply patches.   
It might be better if you just describe problems instead of sending  
the code.

> and as I am also working on a refresh of openssl up to 1.0.0a (those  
> gentlemen at openssl never included any wce patch to their mainstream,
> which is really a pity, but another story).

It would be great to have a patch to build OpenSSL with arm-cegcc.  8-)

Best regards,
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