[stunnel-users] after 4.30 no more working

Eric Wong normalperson at yhbt.net
Fri Jan 29 02:19:00 CET 2010

Mike wrote:
> Axel Reinhold wrote:
> > root at bongo opt]# /opt/ssl/bin/stunnel
> [cut]
> > daemon: No such file or directory (2)
> > removing pid file /var/run/stunnel.pid
> That's interesting.  I couldn't reproduce it.
> Could you install strace tool and than execute:
> strace -f -o /tmp/stunnel.log /opt/ssl/bin/stunnel
> , and than send us the output of /tmp/stunnel.log?


I just encountered this after upgrading to 4.30 (from 4.26).

Using a chroot + daemonizing seems to be the problem, creating /dev/null
inside the chroot as a workaround seems to work.  However, 4.26 (and
probably other non-4.30 versions) worked without needing /dev/null
inside the chroot.

Using CentOS 5.4, glibc 2.5 so the daemon() function is available.

Eric Wong

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