[stunnel-users] SSL connection through Proxy server with authentication

Girish Kolari girishkolari at gmail.com
Tue Feb 9 13:18:57 CET 2010


I am trying to create a SSL connection through Proxy server with

my stunnel.conf file
----- part of the conf file
connect = <Proxy server IP: Port number>
protocolHost=<Destination server:Port number>
protocolUsername = useme
protocolPassword = test

but it fails to establish connection.

Log details:
----- part of log generated
2010.02.09 16:07:49 LOG5[14506:2952859648]: Negotiations for connect (client
side) started
2010.02.09 16:07:49 LOG7[14506:2952859648]:  -> CONNECT <Destination
server:Port number> HTTP/1.1
2010.02.09 16:07:49 LOG7[14506:2952859648]:  -> Host: 6<Destination
server:Port number>
2010.02.09 16:07:49 LOG7[14506:2952859648]:  -> Proxy-Authorization: basic
2010.02.09 16:07:49 LOG7[14506:2952859648]:  ->
2010.02.09 16:07:49 LOG3[14506:2952859648]: Unexpected socket close
2010.02.09 16:07:49 LOG5[14506:2952859648]: Connection reset: 0 bytes sent
to SSL, 0 bytes sent to socket
2010.02.09 16:07:49 LOG7[14506:2952859648]: Service IDrive finished (0 left)

I tried with proxy server without authentication it works great, but not
sure why Proxy server with authentication is not working. Is it I am missing
some thing or am I doing something wrong?

I appreciate all suggestion and help on this.

Thanks & Regards
Girish Kolari
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