[stunnel-users] Does stunnel support IPv6, and proxying from IPv4 to IPv6?

Jeff Schmidt jsbiff at weldingengineering.com
Fri Feb 5 18:37:24 CET 2010


    I was wondering, does stunnel have IPv6 support? If so, does such 
support extend to the point of allowing the 'local' side of the 
connection (e.g. from a server process, or from a client application) to 
be made with IPv4, while the 'global' side is IPv6? If so, is it 
possible to use stunnel in an unencrypting mode (that is, not encrypting 
the data with SSL, but just using stunnel to proxy traffic between IPv4 
and IPv6)?

    The reason I ask is that I am looking for a solution to allow me to 
IPv6-enable 'legacy' IPv4 applications. When I started thinking about 
this problem, I almost immediately remembered using stunnel in the past 
to SSL-enable IPv4 applications which didn't have built-in SSL support, 
and it occured to me that there was a lot of similarity between the 
non-SSL application problem, and the non-IPv6 application problem - that 
is, it seems like possibly, you could setup a sort of IPv6 tunnel using 
stunnel (or something similar), where the legacy application makes an 
local IPv4 connection to the stunnel/proxy software, and the proxy then 
makes an IPv6 connection, just like stunnel accepts local IPv4 
connections (unecrypted) and then creates a second, proxied connection 
which is encrypted.

   Does that make any sense? (I hope so). So, can stunnel be used with 
both IPv4 and IPv6 simultaneously?

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