[stunnel-users] [harri.kiiskinen at utu.fi: Bug#594876: stunnel4: Fails to connect, "Input line too long"]

Michal Trojnara Michal.Trojnara at mirt.net
Tue Aug 31 13:28:44 CEST 2010

Harri Kiiskinen wrote:
> #define STRLEN 256
> When this is changed to
> #define STRLEN 512
> and the package recompiled, everything works well.
> Perhaps the length of accepted strings should be increased?
> Or is this long a response against some standard?

I'm afraid there is no single good value for STRLEN.  Smaller values break
some configurations while larger ones increase required CPU stack size. 
The solution I'm going to implement is to switch programming language from
C to C++ and implement dynamic strings.  That's my plan for stunnel 5.x.


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