[stunnel-users] Updated stunnel version in Debian experimental

Rodrigo Gallardo rodrigo at debian.org
Sat Aug 28 02:29:38 CEST 2010

I have just uploaded stunnel 4.33 to Debian experimental. amd64
packages will be available for download as soon as the automated
processing is done (6-12 hours). Other architectures will follow as
the autobuilders get time in their queues for us.

Aside from the updates in stunnel itself, the packaging has been
updated somewhat. In particular, the start/stop scripts in /etc/init.d
have grown shinny new options to take advantage of configuration file
reloading and the log rotation config takes advantage of them to avoid
the long standing issue of having to either live with ever-growing
logs, or killing long lived connections when rotating.

I would be very glad if you would test those new scripts and report
any and all bugs. To Debian's BTS, of course, as none of them are at
all the fault of our most excellent upstream ;)

As much as I'd have liked to upload it to unstable, the distribution
is now in freeze in preparation for the upcoming release, and thus
uploading a completely new version of stunnel, together with the
packaging changes I made would be completely unacceptable. I will
upload this version, together with any bug fixes we collect, as soon
as the release is over and sid is unfrozen again.

Sadly, that means that the next Debian stable will release with
4.29. For that I am sorry, and I promise to make a backport of 4.33
available as soon as possible after the release. 

Rodrigo yes-I-have-been-remise-as-maintainer Gallardo
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