[stunnel-users] Cross-compiling stunnel woes feedback

Martin van den Nieuwelaar martin at rawl.co.nz
Fri Aug 27 03:52:50 CEST 2010

Hi everyone (again).  I thought I'd post some feedback regarding 
cross-compiling stunnel, which I have successfully done for an Arm based 
embedded system we use.

I had to edit the 'configure' script in order to remove three sections 
of code that just check for the cross compiling option, and if set 
simply exit (message 'cannot check for file existence when cross 
compiling').  This behaviour really isn't condusive to successful cross 
compiling. :-)  So as I say I removed these sections of code.

Next, I configured with './configure --host=arm-linux', then 'make' and 
the rest are standard as usual.

Perhaps the configure script for future releases could be a little more 
friendly for those cross compiling?  Editing the configure file 
shouldn't be necessary.

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