[stunnel-users] Newbie Question - Moving stunnel to another machine

Dave Nasralla stunnel at nasralla.com
Fri Mar 13 17:25:53 CET 2009


I'm pretty new to the unix command  line and stunnel.
I am running Mac OS 10.5 with the latest version of stunnel.

I was able to get stunnel up and running on my computer and it is  
working fine
  ( - I installed X-Cold, used Darwinports, got it compiled and  
configured, and launching at bootup).

My question is:
If I have an identical Machine (same hardware and OS), is there an  
easy way to move stunnel over to it?
I copied the stunnel executable and the configuration file over to the  
new machine.
I ran it from the terminal command line.

% /Applications/stunnel /Applications/stunnel.conf

The original location on my machine was (/opt/local/bin/stunnel  /opt/ 

No errors (got the prompt back). But no services start on the  
configured ports.

Am I missing support files? Or am I being dumb to think you can simply  
copy the program over. I was hoping to not have to jump through the  
same hoops to get it up and running.

Any direction would be appreciated.


dave naz

PS It is a simple configuration to help non SSL Mail clients connect  
to GMail - no certs involved.

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