[stunnel-users] email through clients where no port number defined - like Outlook Express

Richard Brust richard_brust at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 6 17:51:32 CET 2009

A few days ago, sent an email in regards to a CRM program attempting to access GMail where no port number definitions are possible.  That email (or part of it) is below, but after a bit more diag, I found that the email client was communicating with stunnel, but was not getting past that to GMail (or stunnel was not getting to GMail, not sure how to tell).
I also realized that the settings of this application are similar to Outlook Express - email server defined, but no ability to specify port number.
Does anyone have stunnel working with Outlook Express?  I have a feeling the stunnel settings for that would be similar to what I need.
Thanks, and the original email is below
I am attempting to send/receive to GMail through a CRM program (contains email client) called ACT! (http://www.act.com)  ACT! only allows server addresses in the program configuration, NOT port numbers.  (e.g. smtp.gmail.com or - nothing else)
I have configured stunnel 4.26 as such:
; Some performance tunings
socket = l:TCP_NODELAY=1
socket = r:TCP_NODELAY=1
; Some debugging stuff useful for troubleshooting
debug = 7
output = stunnel.log
; Use it for client mode
client = yes
; Service-level configuration
accept = localhost:110
connect = pop.gmail.com:995
accept = localhost:25
connect = smtp.gmail.com:465
and in ACT as such:
SMTP as localhost
POP as localhost
(also have tried, but with no difference).
Richard Brust
richard_brust at yahoo.com 

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