[stunnel-users] Install, Starting & Using Stunnel on OS X (more)

m i l e s magicmiles at gmail.com
Sat Jun 20 21:42:07 CEST 2009


BTW: Long time no hear.  I used to use your winnow product.

 >STunnel is not for this. Just use ldapsearch command line tool to  
make a secure query to an LDAP server.

Hmmm, ok...Im building an app with Lasso (lassosoft.com), LASSO has a  
tag within its library of tags that allow it to communicate directly  
with an LDAP server.  The problem is that this is an SLDAP server  
which requires a certificate in order to talk to the server.  The tags  
don't allow for me to send a cert along.  You see my problem ?  So  
setting up a secure tunnel to the server would solve that problem and  
allow clear, secure communication to occur.  Besides I've talked to  
the LDAP admin for the target server and he's doing something similar,  
however, he's away for the weekend and I need to get this up and  
running before the weekend is up.

Furthermore...while I can do this with a command line operation, and I  
have tried and been some what successful, there are a few hurdles to  
overcome, speed is one of them, especially when you have to pass the  
output back to Lasso.  Another is if I can avoid using certain lasso  
tags that open the server up to potential attack, my client and I'd  
sleep much easier at night, you dig ?

Further still, the simple fact is that while Lasso can go out to the  
command line (OS_Process Tags which open the server up to potential  
threat), it takes a lot of gup to filter out what I need to get at,  
while using the onboard LDAP tags handle all the noise for me, and I  
can get at the requisite data immediately versus spending literally  
HOURS and HOURS and I DO MEAN HOURS just writing a processing script,  
to handle the entry data, when its already done for me.  Further still  
sending the output out the command line, while it works, tends to be  
some what slow for anything more than 10 users at a time.  This a  
heavy traffic server.  And the last thing in the world I need to do is  
slow things down anymore.  The onboard lasso tags really do make  
things MUUUUUUUCH easier.


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