[stunnel-users] Install, Starting & Using Stunnel on OS X.

m i l e s magicmiles at gmail.com
Sat Jun 20 19:43:50 CEST 2009


I'm a newbie to stunnel.

I have a couple of questions....ok, a zillion.  However I'll stick to  
the basics.

I found this in the archives that apply to my situation:


I followed those instructions that Tom Shaw gave, and I can't tell  
whether or not this thing is installed at all.

I think that the files are in the right places. And now when I type in  
stunnel on the command line, I get this as a response:

2009.06.20 12:27:37 LOG7[582:2691602208]: Snagged 64 random bytes  
from /Users/miles/.rnd
2009.06.20 12:27:37 LOG7[582:2691602208]: Wrote 1024 new random bytes  
to /Users/miles/.rnd
2009.06.20 12:27:37 LOG7[582:2691602208]: RAND_status claims  
sufficient entropy for the PRNG
2009.06.20 12:27:37 LOG7[582:2691602208]: PRNG seeded successfully
2009.06.20 12:27:37 LOG3[582:2691602208]: stunnel.pem: No such file or  
directory (2)

I suppose that's an improvement over the command line returning no  
response for stunnel.  So I guess it installed.  I have a feeling that  
the config file (the sample that came with) is what's causing it to  
respond the way that it is...  However, I also see that its throwing  
an error about the PEM file, that it thinks that its not there.  Is  
there any way to check to see if its pointing at the right file for  
the pem ?  Or to use another crt file ?

Now the question becomes how the hell do I start this thing ?

(I'm running leopard [10.5.7] for test purposes, but I'll have to do  
this all over again for a tiger install [10.4.11]...)

Then once I get it started, how the hell do I initiate what needs  
doing ?

I tried this ->>
stunnel -o /Users/Miles/config.lgo -c -d 80 -r
Which returns -> 2009.06.20 13:34:32 LOG3[738:2691602208]: -o: No such  
file or directory (2)
Obviously its yapping about a file, in this case I'm assuming the log  
file where its being referenced.

Here's what I'm trying to do: I'm trying to set up a secure tunnel to  
an ldap server at umn.edu.   I got this to work a while back but now I  
have to set this up from scratch....it was set up for me the last  
time.  I wasn't paying attention and now Im kicking myself.

The example I post is running in client mode and not server mode ?  I  
was looking at THIS page:
   I'm not entirely certain that what I want to do is run in client  
mode given what I'm wanting to do...
Any help would be a great relief.

Thanks ahead of time...



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