[stunnel-users] stunnel through httpd

Chatty chatty at gmx.de
Sun Jun 7 16:54:10 CEST 2009


I've got the crazy idea to run stunnel behind an existing, SSL-enabled,
basic-auth-using httpd. Configuration would be as follows:

1. put some stunnel.cgi into /usr/www/cgi-bin which would call stunnel

2. start stunnel client with -r
https://login:[email protected]/cgi-bin/stunnel.cgi

Advantages (assumed you're behind a proxy which allows only 443 as outgoing

a. You can still access other WebIFs on that server.
b. You don't have to administer another web server including authentication,
certificates and so on.

May be stunnel is not the best tool for the above scenario (I reckon stunnel
is currently unable to fulfill this)... I hope someone can shed  some light
on this.

Cheers, Chatty.
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