[stunnel-users] using webdav

delaage.pierre at free.fr delaage.pierre at free.fr
Fri Jul 17 14:58:15 CEST 2009

There are many things to check on Windows configuration before
checking potential issues in stunnel.

At first you should check what is the HTTP authentication mechanism used by your
webdav server :
if this server is using "basic plain text authentication", this WILL NOT BE
supported by the windows "webdav redirector" (the system component that allows
you to map a webdav folder to a virtual system drive)...unless you set up this
registry key :


Check this page for some MS explanations:

Something else to check : try to open your webdav location by using "internet
explorer 6 or 7"/file-open/check "web folder" checkbox. let us know whether it
Try also by "Explorer/Tools/Map network drive", but it is very painful by asking
many times for credentials.

Yours sincerely,
Pierre Delaage

Selon Jan-Florian Hilgenberg <florianhilgenberg at googlemail.com>:

> hi - i want to use webdav through stunnel to provide a drive(letter).
> system: winxp sp3
> net use /user:someuser
> offers a systemfailure 64... stunnel log said SSL_connect: 1408F06B:
> error:1408F06B:SSL routines:SSL3_GET_RECORD:bad decompression
> but a connection with firefox is running fine.
> i am doing try&error for about a week and i am sick now :(
> i hope you can help me - thank you
> client=yes
> verify=0
> [psuedo-https]
> accept  = 80
> connect = ssl.studenten-wg-halle.de:443
> TIMEOUTclose =

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