[stunnel-users] stunnel client connecting to host with dynamic dns service

Adamson H adamson at polycastle.3322.org
Mon Feb 9 02:19:25 CET 2009

Hi, stunnel 4.26 solves a number of issues running on FreeBSD.  However, 
a stunnel client still has a problem reconnecting to a host with dynamic 
DNS service after the host IP has changed.  Stunnel client seems unaware 
of the host update, pointing the dynamic DNS name to the old outdated 
IP.  In order to get reconnected to the host, I have to create a cron 
script to detect the IP change and restart stunnel on the stunnel 
client.  My client conf file has the following:

accept = 1873
connect = hostname.dynaip.org:1873

The ip of hostname.dynaip.org changes at a random interval.

Please help.

Adamosn H

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