[stunnel-users] Fwd: Stunnel & Zimbra

Allen apks at mac.com
Mon Feb 2 21:00:24 CET 2009

Hi folks,

I'm reposting this from my email address on file, because it was  
initially rejected (I think because I sent it from my main business  
address, which is not the address I have listed with this group. My  


I've been using stunnel with Zimbra, on OS X Sever since last year and  
it's been working well (SSL tunnels should be seen and not heard ;-).  
I upgraded Zimbra yesterday to a new version, that apparently was  
supposed to fix its instability running on the OS X platform.

However, the upgrade wound up breaking the mail server's ability to  
send email. From Zimbra's web client, it appears like mail is getting  
sent (there's a little green sent mail box that pops up right after  
you click on the send button). Mail never arrives at the client end. I  
can still receive mail into the Zimbra account when I send to it from  
my business or personal email account. I provisoned and reloaded  
posffix, etc., and still can't receive mail on the other end. No  
stunnel settings have changed since before the upgrade. Here are the  
stunnel-related file outputs:

root# cat /opt/local/etc/stunnel/stunnel.conf
client = yes
foreground = no

accept = 5000
connect = server_name.x.y.com:465         (server name changed to  
protect the innocent ;-)

cat /opt/zimbra/conf/relay_password
server_name.domain.com		user_name at yetanotherdomain.com:fakepassword
With the real usernames, password, domains, etc., those two (above)  
stunnel files worked perfectly well with stunnel, and sending mail was  
not a problem. That was --until I upgraded Zimbra. I realize that this  
is a stunnel forum and the Zimbra-related forum deals with all their  
issues. However, I'm wondering if somebody out there in stunnel land  
might have a light bulb going off regarding this issue. Perhaps  
there's something that I'm overlooking?



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