[stunnel-users] Extending stunnels connect functionality

bernhard.czech at nobiscum.de bernhard.czech at nobiscum.de
Mon Nov 24 19:03:19 CET 2008

Hi all,

we are looking for somebody to extend stunnel's multiple connect 
functionality a bit as of:
- adding the ability to send a configurable string to each "connect" and 
compare the answer against an configured expectation string
- the expectation should also be able to be interpreted as an regular 
- the testing interval should be configurable
- an alternative port should be configurable
- it should be possible to call a script instead of doing a connection 
with the connect string provided as a parameter.
- a way of monitoring might all paths might be good (i.e. writing a status 
file on regular basis)

These things are pretty much the same things that LVS (
http://www.linuxvirtualserver.org/) provides. But we would like to reduce 
the complexity in our environment a bit.

If somebody is interested to implement this feel free to contact me. If 
possible with an amount of expected reward.

Kind regards,
Bernhard Czech
Bernhard Czech
nobisCum Individual GmbH

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