[stunnel-users] Amount of FD's per connection

Koornstra, Reinoud koornstra at hp.com
Fri Nov 21 20:53:39 CET 2008

Thanks for your answer.
I am looking from the server perspective.
A client makes a connection towards the server, when a client connects the master pid spwans a stunnel thread, hence it needs a fd for that and one for the socket towards the client?
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Koornstra, Reinoud" <koornstra at hp.com> wrote:
> I am using stunnel compiled to use threads. I read in the faq that a
> connection may use 1 to 4 fd's per connection.
> Normally this is only one, how can I influence this, I mean making sure
> there is one fd per connection? I also wish to limit the amount of max
> connections at the same time.

Normally there are only two file descriptors used by each thread: one for
the sockets towards the client and one for the socket towards the server.
Additional descriptors may be used at creating of a new connection, e.g. to
perform OCSP check or to validate username with ident protocol.

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