[stunnel-users] Proxy support

Reinier van der Gugten info at rgit.eu
Fri Nov 14 14:53:20 CET 2008

Hi STunnel users!
Has someone got a working version of STunnel that can handle a proxy?
I was hoping to use one of the patches (verion 4.05) that say they can
use proxy, but beleave me or not, I was unable to compile the 4.05
version (the latest version compiles fine, thanks to dmile525). And I
also tried to merge the patch with the source files, but that failed as
So my question is, has anyone got a working STunnel with proxy support
(preferably a recent version)? If so, I would be very greatful and would
even be willing to pay him a bit of money for it. I need it to run under
Please let me know what the options are.
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