[stunnel-users] Wrapping a mail client - multiple servers

Daniel James gmane.junk001 at sonadata.co.uk
Wed May 21 14:19:47 CEST 2008

I use a mail client that does not directly support SSL. I can use 
stunnel to provide the security layer when I connect to a SSMTP and/or 
POP3S server (under windows). This works fine, whether I run stunnel as 
a background application or as a Windows service.

I'd like, however, to be able to connect to multiple mail servers over 
SSL. I'm not sure how I might achieve this?

What would be nice would be get stunnel to forward POP3/SMTP 
communication on different local ports to POP3S/SSMTP on different 
remote servers. Can I do this?

It appears to be possible to run multiple copies of stunnel as 
applications, and to get each copy to take its configuration from a 
different stunnel.conf file, so that different copies of stunnel could 
listen on different local ports and each could proxy the traffic it 
receives to a different remote server (I haven't tried this -- and it's 
not an ideal solution -- but it looks as though it should work).

It does not appear to be possible, however, to create two instances of 
the stunnel service running with different configuration files.

Is it possible to set up multiple listening ports proxying to different 
remote servers in a single configuration file? If so, what's the syntax 
for that?


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