[stunnel-users] launch stunnel server daemon from php?

Brian Hatch bri at stunnel.org
Mon May 5 20:15:16 CEST 2008

Around 2008-05-02 12:19 -0700, Wesley Kenzie implored:

> I am having problems launching stunnel from a php "exec" command.  I would
> like to have it launch as a server daemon and then have the exec command
> return control to the php script.  The best I have been able to do is launch
> it in foreground with a command like "/usr/local/bin/stunnel
> /etc/stunnel/test.conf &" but control never returns to the php script.
> I do not want to use inetd mode, and would prefer to specify command line
> arguments, but I see they are no longer available in version 4.

Can you show code that works for other excutables, but not stunnel,
plus your configuration file?

Stunnel will stop when it has no more input to send to the remote
end.  It could be that stunnel is hanging because its input isn't
closed, so it assumes it's not 'done' yet.

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