[stunnel-users] HTTPS connections aborted

Aleksandar Lazic al-stunnel at none.at
Mon May 5 18:51:19 CEST 2008

Hi Matthias,

On Mon 05.05.2008 10:49, Matthias Kellermann wrote:
>Hi list,
>I've set up a loadbalancer with haproxy and I'm using stunnel to have
>HTTPS on the loadbalancer. Every connection on port 443 is forwarded by
>stunnel to port 80 where haproxy listens.


>Some of my customers using HTTPS are claiming about aborted connections
>with MS Internet Explorer. They get a message about "secure and
>unsecure objects on this site, proceed?". When clicking yes they get a
>IE error message: "site not found". (Sorry, I don't know the exact
>english error message because customers use german version of IE). Of
>course there are only HTTPS objects on the page.

Is it possibel to use, for debugging purpose the Firefox with


This sounds to me that the backend delivers http links.

>In my logs I've lot of these entries:
>SSL_accept: Peer suddenly disconnected
> From time to time I'll get this error:
>SSL_read: Connection reset by peer (54)
>SSL_read: Operation timed out (60)
>SSL_write: Broken pipe (32)
>At the moment I have no idea where these errors come from and if they 
>really belong to the error the customer gets with his IE browser. Any 
>ideas what could cause these error messages?

Have you looked into haproxy logs at this time, for correlation?



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