[stunnel-users] Can stunnel be configured to listen for multiple IP addresses and access different email hosts?

F Boyd Crow mistercatworks at gmail.com
Sun May 4 00:41:09 CEST 2008

I have attempted to use stunnel to retrieve POP3 SSL mail from two different
ISPs: pop.att.yahoo.com and pop.gmail.com.

I have tried putting in separate Access/Connect line pairs under [pop3s]
either point to the different ports on whch is an Exchange Server
2003 machine.  I have tried pointing both to the same port.  In either case,
the first POP3 host is accessed but not the second.  I have also tried one
Access line and two separate connects.

It works fine with one Access line and one Connect line but a previous post
on this subject indicated I should be able to do retrievals from two
separate sites and I do not see how.

I am using the POP3 Connection Manager on Small Business Server 2003.  I set
the email server to and use port 9995.

The corresponding section of the stunnel.conf file is

client = yes
debug = 7
; Service-level configuration
accept  = 9995
connect = pop.gmail.com:995
;does not work with two separate pop3s, either with two separate accept
ports or one common

final comment is my own.

Has anyone successfully accessed mail from two POP3 servers through stunnel
or have any suggestions?

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