[stunnel-users] Is the "HTTP Proxy connect" feature implemented?

alex Wright alexwright24 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 24 08:33:13 CEST 2008


I'm trying to use stunnel in the following scenerio: ssh-client -> stunnel
(to ssl) -> Proxy -> server(ssl to ssh).
I downloaded stunnel 4.25, but I hadn't noiticed any support for this.
However, in the "patches" page (http://www.stunnel.org/patches/) - three
patches seem to be suitable:
but are for version 4.05 (whichwill probably be a pain to merge with current

When I stumbled upon the Changelog (
http://www.stunnel.org/download/ChangeLog.txt) I noticed that version 4.15,
has support for
"Client mode CONNECT protocol" - which is what I need - and altough i had
looked hard, I haven't found any documentation to it.

So, is the above feature what I want (and if so - how do I use it?) or do I
need to update the patches to the current version?

Thanks in advance,
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