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Brian Hatch bri at stunnel.org
Wed Jan 9 15:58:14 CET 2008

Right around 2008-01-09 10:21 +0100, khaled khaled expressed:

First, your emails are coming through without any line breaks
which makes them almost impossible to read.  I'm re-factoring
it so I can reply better, but if you can fix your mailer to
actually work with non-HTML mail clients, that'd be nice.

> I have a normal TCP server which listenning to
> address.


> the client ( will
> connect with the serveur via Port serie .I want to make a
> root  certificate CA, which will generate 2 pairs (  key
> + certificate) one for the server and one for the client.
> 1-Root certificate : CA2-Key + certificate:for the Client
> 3-Key + certificate:for the Server I do not know how to
> configure the SSL elements in Stunnel, I am using Windows
> XP.

Let's not even talk about the certs yet.  We're not even close
to that yet.

When a connection comes to stunnel (SSL), where
should it send it (cleartext)?

Start with just the default ssl cert, don't go creating new certs
or CA-signed certs, and get the actual conectivity working first.
You're still working on the 'accept' and 'connect' part of the

Send us the output of the debug log and what you see from the client.

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