[stunnel-users] TCP (Server / Client)

Brian Hatch bri at stunnel.org
Tue Jan 8 19:29:19 CET 2008

Sometime near 2008-01-08 10:30 +0100, khaled khaled harangued:

> I am a new STUNNEL user,I will do 2 secure sockets TCP (Server / Client). I 
> would like to know how to set 'stunnel.conf. I tried but it does not work.

You need to be more clear about 

	1) what IP/Port you want to accept on
	2) if you're accepting cleartext or ssl

	3) what IP/Port you want to connect to (or prrogam to launch)
	4) if you're sending cleartext or ssl
	  (this should be the opposite of #2 above)

> cert = server.crt 
> key = serverkey.key
> CAfile = ca.crt
> accept  =
> connect =

You have stunnel accepting connections and send them to itself.
While a recursive loop may be fun, I doubt it's what you
actually wanted.

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