[stunnel-users] In chrooted environment system times defaults to UTC

Ivan Lezhnjov Jr. ivan.lezhnjov.jr at gmail.com
Fri Aug 22 11:41:17 CEST 2008

I noticed that when running stunnel from within the jail it logs its messages 
with syslong using UTC.

My question is how would one reconcile timezone of chrooted stunnel with a 
system one?

The issue illustrated:

	Aug 22 12:29:40 xerxes stunnel: LOG5[26569:3083679424]: stunnel 4.17 on 
	i686-pc-linux-gnu with OpenSSL 0.9.8h 28 May 2008
	Aug 22 12:29:40 xerxes stunnel: LOG5[26569:3083679424]: Threading:PTHREAD 
	Aug 22 12:29:40 xerxes stunnel: LOG5[26569:3083679424]: 500 clients allowed
	Aug 22 12:29:40 xerxes stunnel: LOG5[26570:3086773168]: 5101 connected from
	Aug 22 09:29:40 xerxes stunnel: LOG5[26570:3086773168]: VERIFY OK: 
	depth=0, /C=UA/ST=ARC/L=Simferopol/O=HOMELAB/CN=sega.localnet

xerxes' localtime is GMT+3 and sega's too, but stunnel runs on sega in 
chrooted environment and thus uses UTC (if it's not chrooted it reports 
localtime to syslog facility).

Any ideas?


  Ivan Lezhnjov Jr.

  Europe, Ukraine, Simferopol

  Source Mage GNU/Linux, kernel version 2.6.24 build #5


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