[stunnel-users] OSX 10.5 install?

Tom Shaw tshaw at oitc.com
Mon Aug 11 22:06:33 CEST 2008

Just install xcode and manually compile on the terminal command line with

sudo make install


At 2:18 PM -0500 8/11/08, Renner, Christopher R wrote:
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>New list member here.  I'm going through the archives now, and have 
>Googled my way to exhaustion, looking for up-to-date instructions to 
>install stunnel on a Mac desktop.
>I do PHP web application development and need to be able to connect 
>to a NAS space via stunnel on my desktop dev environment in order to 
>simulate the live environment.
>Does anyone 1) have a link to current OSX install instructions, or 
>2) care to share such instructions with me off the top of your head?
>I tried working through this darwinports page ( 
>but 1) it sends me to Macports.org for the .dmg file thereby 
>installing macports and not darwinports....and after that the "port" 
>command is unrecognized in terminal when trying to install stunnel.
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