[stunnel-users] Verify=3 restart needed ?

Edouard Dessioux edessioux at tibco.fr
Tue Apr 29 14:48:42 CEST 2008

Thanks Michal for the answer.
The certificate removal was not meant to act as a revocation, but more as a temporary disablement like for example someone on vacation who should not use the corporate network or such.

I saw the reference you indicated : 
And with this, I understand that this is not possible because the certificate once loaded is kept in memory.

I got my answer, thanks.
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Edouard Dessioux wrote:

> I wanted to know if the stunnel needs to be restarted
> after a certificates has been removed ?

This is *not* the way X.509 was designed to perform certificate
revocation.  Use CRLs or OCSP instead.

Also see:

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