[stunnel-users] stunnel wildcard question

neve_capricorn at gmx.de neve_capricorn at gmx.de
Thu Apr 17 16:03:24 CEST 2008


iam pulling my hair out with an wildcard ssl certificate / stunnel 
i use stunnel 4.2.2 and latest openSSL release.

i have a signed wildcard certificate from comodo.

when i add the .crt, .key and .ca-bundle file into an apache 
configuration, everything
work fine in firefox and ie.

when i try to use stunnel with the same certificates i got problems in 
when i disable

; Authentication stuff
; verify =1

and when i set verify=1 i got problems in IE .7 (a dialog box pops and
ask for identification the certificates).

can someone maybe help me out,please?

a demo is here:
https://ssl1.medialib.de (works fine in firefox)
https://ssl1.medialib.de (problem in IE7)

thank you very much & best

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