[stunnel-users] almost working

Tom Allison tom at tacocat.net
Mon Oct 15 03:14:47 CEST 2007

Craig Retief wrote:
>> netstat -ltp shows inetd is listening to port 993.
> If inetd is listening on port 993 then stunnel will not be able to bind to
> that port since inetd has already bind to it.
> If you will only be connecting to the inetd via stunnel then I recommend
> that you change your listening port for inetd to something else than 993 on
> the inetd config itself and restart inetd. Then you change your stunnel conf
> to reflect this.

As I understood it, I was using inetd to start the stunnel session to connection 
from 993 to 143.

143 works.  I've already tested that completely.

As a maybe related issue.  If I start stunnel from the /etc/init.d script from 
debian -- it fails calling for a pid= to be defined.  As you can see from my 
conf file, pid= is already defined.

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