[stunnel-users] About stunnel 4.21 daemon mode

Scott Gifford sgifford at suspectclass.com
Wed Nov 28 06:29:55 CET 2007

"wei hu" <huwei.china at gmail.com> writes:


> 2007.11.27 07:42:28 LOG3[28556:3085354688]: Failed to get GID for group nobody
> Do somebody knows how to get GID for group nobody? My nobody group is
> sured to work correctly with Squid.
>  The config file about group:
> ; Some security enhancements for UNIX systems - comment them out on
> Win32 chroot = /usr/local/var/lib/stunnel/

I don't remember exactly how the latest stunnel does chroot, but a
common problem is that a daemon will chroot before looking up the user
and group names, and if the chroot area doesn't contain /etc/passwd
and /etc/group, the lookups fail.

An easy solution is to use numeric UIDs and GIDs in your

Hope this helps,


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