[stunnel-users] I'm very much a newbie to stunnel

Harmon, Paul paul.harmon at nscorp.com
Sun Nov 25 17:56:48 CET 2007

Hi Guys,

                            I'm very new to Stunnel. In fact I have no
experience with it what so ever. My situation is this: I have server
program and a client at the moment which know nothing about SSL. Yet the
powers that be insist that my two machines, if they must use sockets, do
so using SSL. After reading through the distribution, I found this very
interesting program called Stunnel which sounds like it might solve my
problem quite well. From what I've read so far, I gather this program
can be used as an SSL wrapper for my server and my client. Would some
kind soul please help me with the configuration process (the
configuration file) so that my client and server can be safe and secure?
My server uses a port which I have chosen (really quite arbitrarily).
Basically I need the server to listen on that port and wait for incoming
data which it will processs and in most cases not even reply. With
normal sockets this is a no-brainer since Steven's book outlines it very
well. If I understand the documentation I've read so far, Stunnel adds
the encryption layer on top of that which I need. So how do I configure
and invokestunnel in this environment? Sorry for stupid questions at the
moment I just lack examples like this and confidence in using the





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