[stunnel-users] rewrite Destination: when rewriting Host:

Marcio Marchini mqm at sglebs.com
Sun Nov 11 06:15:20 CET 2007


  I use Subversion on Apache2 without SSL, and stunnel in front of it for
SSL. Things work normally until you ask svn for a MOVE operation, and
then you get a 502 Bad Gateway.

  Researching online one can see that WebDAV's spec requires that they
check both src and dest URLs for protocol & port. But with some proxies or
SSL fronts like stunnel, only one of the URLs is rewritten, so one goes as
http and the other as https. Here's one person explaining it, much better
than me: http://svn.haxx.se/users/archive-2006-03/0549.shtml

  Here's a person who did a workaround in Ruby:
http://blog.caffeinated.me.uk/ . The code:

line.sub!(“https”,“http”) if line=~/^Destination:/

  I wonder if stunnel can be "fixed" to do this rewriting as well. I read
many messages online and they all indicate that if a proxy is rewriting
Host: but not Destination:, then it is the proxy that is not doing its
job properly.

  If that is indeed the case, I wonder if stunnel can be made to support
this? I am running stunnel 4.20 under Windows 2003. Thanks,


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