[stunnel-users] Stunnel 4.20 with TCP Wrappers 7.6 problem in configure.ac

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Sat Mar 17 21:35:37 CET 2007

Hi Mike,

On Sat, Mar 17, 2007 at 08:26:15PM +0100, Michal Trojnara wrote:
> ...
> Not exactly true.  The relevant macro invocation is:
> 	AC_SEARCH_LIBS(gethostbyname, nsl)

I added the following line for debugging after

AC_SEARCH_LIBS(gethostbyname, nsl)
AC_MSG_NOTICE([============>> LIBS=$LIBS])

Result: -lnsl was not added to $LIB. $LIB was empty here.

Maybe it's a problem with gethostbyname. Isn't gethostbyname a part of
libc? What would happens if gethostbyname is resolved with libc?

In the manual (thanks for the link, I am a newbie to autoconf):

> Search for a library defining function if it's not already
> available. ....  first with no libraries, then for each library
> listed in search-libs.

"first with no libraries" ... so what happens if gethostbyname is
resolved without libnsl? It won't be added :-(

> I hope you understand that not every system uses nsl library like yours.  8-)

Yes, clear.

I use Linux with:

gcc (GCC) 3.4.6

Kind regards

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