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In the Stunnel FAQ (see snippet below) it says that STUNNEL does not support OOB processing (except if OOB is set to in-line); can someone please tell me if this restriction is still in place?

Does OpenSSL not support the sending and receiving of the OOB character? Some other restriction?

Cheers Richard Maher
Can I use stunnel to protect [insert random protocol here]?
Stunnel should be able to secure any random protocol as long as the protocol satisfies the following requirements: 
  1.. The protocol is TCP, not UDP. 
  2.. The protocol doesn't use multiple connections, like ftp. 
  3.. The protocol doesn't depend on Out Of Band (OOB) data, 
  4.. Remote site can't use an application-specific protocol, like ssltelnet, where SSL is a negotiated option, save for those protocols already supported by the -n argument to Stunnel. 
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