[stunnel-users] STunnel not creating connections.

Paul Morrison Paul.Morrison at ts3services.co.uk
Tue Jan 9 14:56:48 CET 2007

I have a problem perhaps someone can help me with.


I have setup Stunnel and OpenSSL on a Windows 2003 server.  It is
configured to accept data on TCP port 2000, decrypt it, then pass it on
to TCP port 8014.  I have placed the certificates provided for this in a
directory and I have told STunnel where these certificates are.  The
problem I am having is I can see the connection from port 2000 coming in
to the system, but STunnel then does nothing before finally dropping the


The version of STunnel and OpenSSL are (stunnel 4.15 on
x86-pc-mingw32-gnu with OpenSSL 0.9.7i 14 Oct 2005)


I have the same setup at a different site on a different server and it
works fine.


In the debug.log the following is output:


2007.01.09 13:41:02 LOG7[684:352]: MATSU_GPRS started

2007.01.09 13:41:02 LOG7[684:352]: FD 196 in non-blocking mode

2007.01.09 13:41:02 LOG5[684:352]: MATSU_GPRS connected from

2007.01.09 13:41:02 LOG7[684:352]: SSL state (accept): before/accept

2007.01.09 13:41:22 LOG3[684:352]: SSL_accept: Peer suddenly

2007.01.09 13:41:22 LOG5[684:352]: Connection reset: 0 bytes sent to
SSL, 0 bytes sent to socket

2007.01.09 13:41:22 LOG7[684:352]: MATSU_GPRS finished (0 left)


I would normally expect to see details of the SSL connection and the
certificates being checked after the line 2007.01.09 13:41:02
LOG7[684:352]: SSL state (accept): before/accept initialization, but as
you can see it does nothing before dropping the connection after 20


Does anyone know why this installation of STunnel does not seem to be
attempting to use the certificates provided?


I would be very grateful for any advice.


P.S. Do I need to have a Certifcate Authority server setup at the site
in order for STunnel to work?


Paul Morrison

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