[stunnel-users] Red Hat 7.0, Stunnel 4.20, and my Transparent Proxy Woes

Richard Anderson hlsc_richard at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 3 01:18:36 CET 2007


I'm attempting to setup Stunnel 4.20 on a RH7.0 box in transparent mode to 
essentially act as an SSL accelerator. I've gotten the SSL accelerator part 
to work (which means RH and Stunnel are working fine). But it's when I 
enable the transparent feature of stunnel I start having problems.

The error it returns is : bind transparent: Cannot assign requested address 

What I know is this:

For transparent option to work with stunnel you must be using linux kernel 
2.2. (check...red hat 7.0)
Transparent proxy option must be enabled in kernel. (check, enabled, 
recompiled, and booted off that image)
IP_FORWARD must be enabled. (check, set this in the sysctl.conf to do it on 

But it still won't work. Does anybody have any other ideas as to what I'm 


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